Mending an Old Quilt

I found the quilt in a box I had filled with items that needed mending attention. I had forgotten about it and pulled it out of the box with joy. The quilt was made by Jay’s grandmother and we had used it for years on our bed. As I inspected it I realized why I had shoved it in the box and forgotten about it. Many of Grandma’s tiny, careful stitches had literally disappeared. Neat even triangles, still perfectly shaped, were hanging by threads and the batting was completely exposed in places.

I was newly energized to either clear out or clean up, so I opened my sewing machine and got to work. We needed a summer bedspread; even though it was July we were covering our bed with just the faded yellow blanket from last winter.

I took careful time to pin the triangles, matching the creases Grandma had created, pushing the batting back into place. I felt her presence as I guided the sewing machine foot over the places her hand had touched. Our stitches, her’s hand sewn and careful, and my modern machine threads blended into the blue and white fabric.

When I finished, I spread the quilt over our bed, with a smile on my face. A newly painted bedroom, fresh sheets and now the bright white and blue quilt from our early years of marriage. As the quilt settled on the bed, I took it in. And it looked… well, it looked awful. A sewing machine has a different tension than a hand; the fabric was bunched in some places, and flat and without texture in the others. It was simply too worn out.

Perhaps a more seasoned seamstress would have restored the beauty, but my accomplishment was disheartening. I have left the quilt on the bed for this summer, but when the weather turns cold, and it is time for heavy comforters, I will move this on. On to the Fabric Center who will surely find some good use for it or, maybe not.

There are times when the only thing to do, is to let go, to whisper gratitude for happy memories, and then, to say farewell. Thank you, farewell.   I am letting you go.  All is well.20150910_211401_HDR