My Feet in the Ocean

I am sitting with my feet in the ocean (not literally) on this cold January day.  I received the gift of three days with two creative, energizedwriters/storytellers/photographers at the ocean front in Fenwick Island, DE.  The decision to say yes to this opportunity was easy because I love these two women and time spent with them is always rich.

Within minutes of our arrival to the condo  Starla looked out through the glass sliding doors lining the front of the apartment and gasped as a Humpback whale lazily made his way up the shoreline.  He was close to the beach; we could see him well and he hung out in front of us, eating and resting, and offering a blow or two.

We named the whale Fenwick and felt buoyed and breathless in light of his presence that day for that moment.

I don’t believe the world revolves around me, or that the universe shifts itself to meet my purpose, and yet I do believe there are no coincidences or happenstances.  I believe when our hearts are open, and authentic and eager for connection, the world does respond.  I believe the ocean offered the gift of Fenwick to us as blessing on the intentions we had set for our time here.

Using the rhythm and patterns of sound, the whale teaches us to hear our inner voices, to be in touch with our personal truths, thus knowing wisdom and feeling the heartbeat of the universe.      – Ina Woolcott

We didn’t see Fenwick again even though we called him repeatedly in our hearts, and Joan called for him by name from the balcony.  He may have been near, just beneath the water’s surface, or not near at all.  His power and presence remained as we three wrote and talked and shared, coached, and received coaching.

I had emailed a friend about calling the whale and her response was “Gosh, how does one call a whale?”  I chuckled and thought, well, I don’t know – it is a heart thing and a soul thing, and you open and believe.

So it is, perhaps, with listening to our inner voice, with knowing the wisdom within.  It is a heart thing, a soul thing and you open and believe.